AVCX Cryptic

Today is a special occasion: my first published cryptic! I'm very grateful to AVCX for the opportunity.

I was so fortunate to work with Stella Zawistowski, who greatly improved the puzzle, and I'm also thankful for the testers and others on the AVCX team for their help!

You can get the puzzle for $1 here (or you can subscribe to get access to a ton of really good puzzles).


If you found your way here from the AVCX puzzle, welcome! Here's an overview of what's on this blog:

Cryptics 101: A series of 7x7 puzzles meant for people brand new to cryptics; each one introduces (and is limited to) a single clue type. 

Cryptic of the Year: A series wherein each puzzle has a set of answers related to a specific year.

Where in the World: A series wherein each puzzle has a set of answers related to a particular place in the world, with circled letters throughout the grid serving as a revealer.

Collaborations: There are a few of these, including variety cryptics (go on a casino heist or throw a costume party) and puzzles where every clue is themed around something specific, like 90s music or Pokémon.

Random Stuff: I tend to have weird, half-baked ideas and throw them up here to see what sticks! Those're sprinkled throughout.

I'm always interested to hear what solvers think, so feel free to reach out with any comments or suggestions, and thanks for checking out my puzzle(s)!


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